Snook Fishing at Gordon’s Pass-SW Florida Treasure

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SW Florida’s Best Kept Secret

When fishing in Southwest Florida there is one spot that is pound for pound one of the best snook fishing holes in the entire region. Gordon’s Pass is such a spot in Southwest Florida. The directions are simple. All one has to do to have a fantastic day of big snook fishing is to head towards Gordon’s Pass and right at the entrance, on the extreme left, there will be a deep hole that produces some of the biggest snook in the area. That’s about all the directions that are necessary to give since there are usually a few snook fishermen tossing live pilchard’s or deep running Johnson Silver Spoons in that general vicinity.

20 to 40 Snook Daily

The average catch of snook at Gordon’s Pass in the springtime months ranges from 20 to 40 snook daily. Any fisherman would be hard pressed to find any other location in Southwest Florida that produces so many snook in such a short time span as Gordon’s Pass. Of course there will be arguments and those arguments will revolve around all the other great passes in Southwest Florida that are known for wonderful line-side fishing action. Take it from this salty snook fisherman; Gordon’s Pass is the number one location for slot-size to oversize snook fishing in all of Southwest Florida.

SW Florida Full of Spectacular Snooking Spots

Normally when anglers head out to Southwest Florida they go straight to either one of many mangrove islands, oceanside beaches, estuaries and other remote fisheries and leave Gordon’s Pass all alone and wanting. That’s just fine with the locals who know and love Gordon’s Pass and the northern hole since that means more snook for these wily ‘in the know’ veterans. There are other great locations all throughout SW Florida to catch a nice-sized snook and they include some of the ones listed below.

    Everglades City
    Lostman’s River

Although the above listed locations for snook fishing are a little bit south of what most would refer to as Southwest Florida fishing, all one has to do is drive a little bit north to Naples’s own Keewaydin Island to slam into a great day of snooking. We will speak more about this island paradise for snook fishing once we get deeper into the Naples area but for now we will concentrate back on Gordon’s Pass.

Spring Months Best Time

The greatest snook fishing experience is best attempted during the spring months at GP. There are many good reasons for this predicament and one is that the spring-time snook are skinny and hungry animals and will strike at just about anything to fill their gullet and to re-energize their metabolisms that have been on idle all through the long winter. Once the snook has had a few weeks of smashing everything from finger mullet to blue crab they will start to taper off and school in voracious packs. This is what’s so interesting about fishing in Gordon’s Pass during the spring with the sheer numbers of snook and their weights are quite impressive compared to any other site in Southwest Florida. Don’t take our word for it, head out there this weekend and if it’s warm and sunny and there is a slight breeze rolling across the water. Hang on and make sure you have worked your forearms into the condition that is necessary to pull in 10 to 15 pound snook all day. It’s as if you’re on a head boat and have been situated over a school of 20 pound red snapper. It’s that crazy at Gordon’s Pass.

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