Snook Fishing Tips Backwater Snook

Backwater Snook FishingSouthwest Florida is well-known for it’s stunning beauty and spectacular backwater snook fishing. Some of the best backwater fishing spots will be located around the outside islands within the passes and points that make up Southwest Florida’s coast line. The oversized snook will be patrolling the passes and access points while dining on a plethora of seafood baits such as threadfin herring, shiners, glass minnows and of course the ever-present finger mullet. The large hungry snook that patrol these areas have not eaten much during the winter months and are preparing for the spawn and are ready to engulf any baitfish within reach.

Observe The Water – Check The Landscape

A good technique of angling for snook in SW Florida is to invest 15 to 20 mins checking out the area, especially the top water. Many times you can see hungry oversized snook blasting baits out of the water in spectacular charges that remind you of largemouth bass. At night you may hear the pop of a snook sucking down a greenback or some other baitfish. Be sure that the snook will certainly much on a multitude of live baits, and this Florida snooker has actually viewed them take a 12” silver mullet on-the-fly!

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Presenting Live Baits

Begin your snook fishing experience by tossing live bait amongst all this feeding craze!  Chances are that you will produce a good sized snook within the first hour of fishing. Keep in mind that the snook are really famished and preparing their body with massive feeding that will certainly supply them with the power levels required for the upcoming spawn period. This does not suggest that you can throw an old soda can in and expect to apprehended a snook, however it does indicate that a much more available and wide-open bait presentation can be absolutely be used to your advantage.

Hitting the SW Florida Passes

Most of the Southwest Florida regions passes are quite good. For some of the best backwater action in the U.S., check out Big Carlos and New Pass in SW Florida. If you prefer to stick around the middle of the region then try Gordon or Little Mark Row Pass or even Romano Pass and don’t forget to utilize all the many cuts and eddies that run throughout the islands farther south.

Bait Presentation Is The Ultimately Key

Remember when angling for snook in the passes of SW Florida, or anywhere that the presentation of the bait is the key to excellence or failure. Snook are not seen as unintelligent game fish or animals for that matter, yet many experienced fishermen catch these wily game fish with great success every time they find themselves standing knee-deep in a mangrove swamp.This can be a wonderful experience for most Southwest Florida snook anglers when in the backcountry.

Backwater Snook Fishing Tips

Please take a look at the below listing of tips so that you can best situate yourself for a successful day out on the water when backwater fishing for great Florida snook!

Have a great day fishing for Southwest Florida snook and remember to always check to make sure that your fishing license is in full effect and protect this fragile wonderland.